Negative oxygen ions

Negative ion Negative oxygen ion reduction solution 200ML sample

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Negative ions reduction solution 200ML

Negative  ion 200ML Negative oxygen ion reduction solution Sample

Thank you so much for taking time to view my listing.
Now I share a new product with you because it is so excellent.
Air is indispensable to human life,no matter where you are, whether you are in your car or in your home. But air pollution is very serious in densely populated areas, especially in cities or industrial areas.
So people try to improve the quality of the air. It took us 20 years to overcome all the shortcomings of previous similar products to produce this negative ions product, which is by far the best air quality improvement product in the world.
If you are dissatisfied with the air you breathe every day and want to change it to improve your quality of life, choose it.
If you can't make up your mind right now, please buy a sample and try it first.
If you are satisfied, please share with your relatives, friends, neighbors or more people.

it is a new scientific and technological products created by Chinese medical scientists after 20 years of efforts!
Clean, safe,high concentrations of negative ions!
yes,Producing clean negative ions is challenging,It took us 20 years.

And  now we can get clean negative ions so easy :

This is not a Himalayan salt lamp.
Not a negative ion air purifier, without ozone !
It's not the negative ions that comes from heating some ore, No radiation

Not photocatalyst products, photocatalyst products needs a light source to work. Our products work well without light.

This is a unique energy formula and process integrated with quantum technology. The surface of the negative oxygen ion reducing solution is evenly covered to form an ecological functional layer.
On the micro level of quantum physics, the ecological functional layer can absorb all natural energy such as sound energy, heat energy, kinetic energy and light energy in space, so that electrons in atoms can escape the shackles of nuclei, enter the air and be captured by oxygen to form a large number of highly active negative oxygen ions, without producing other harmful substances.
This high concentration of negative oxygen ions can kill 99 percent of bacteria and viruses in just 15 minutes. It can settle 98% fine dust such as PM2.5. Can completely degrade formaldehyde, TVOC and other pollutants, never relapse:

1, simple construction
The construction steps are only 2 steps -- spraying and air drying
2. Common spraying tools can be used without large equipment, multiple people's assistance and complex operation process. One person can finish the painting.
3. No secondary pollution or side effects
Before and after treatment, cold solution reduction technology will not produce harmful secondary pollutants to human body (such as free radicals, ozone, etc.)
4. No radiation or heavy metals
5. Skin-friendly, insensitive and non-stimulating
6, no plug, no maintenance, no energy consumption, no extra maintenance, able to work 24 hours a day, 365 days a day.
7. The research laboratory of south China university of technology has repeatedly tested over several years that the annual attenuation rate of ecological function layer is less than 4%. Has a very long life, can continue to release negative oxygen ions.
8. Permanently eradicate formaldehyde, TVOC and other pollutants. One treatment can permanently eradicate formaldehyde, while maintaining fresh air for more than 5 years, and can be rechecked every year.

Remove formaldehyde (HCHO). Have you ever seen such a powerful product?

are negative ions have profit to human body? some one said " there's no reason to suspect the extra electrons would do anything"? Is that really the case? In the past, due to the immature technology, various negative ion products have different defects, and some people for their own benefit, in order to get more clicks and spread some irresponsible dissemination, leading to a lot of people suspect. But now our technology is very mature, you can easily get high concentration of clean negative oxygen ions.
In fact, people who say that know very little about medicine.Human beings are made up of cells, and cell lesions are the source of all diseases. Cell health depends on the dynamic balance of positive and negative ions, and once this balance is broken, the cells will produce lesions, resulting in disease throughout the body. Positive ions make the cell membrane become hard and thick, so that nutrients can not enter the cell for metabolic conversion of energy, such as sugar can not enter the cell, stay in the blood became diabetes; And the waste product that the metabolism produces inside the cell also cannot eduction cell, bring about cell pathological change.
According to the evaluation of the world health organization, the concentration of negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter reaches 1500, just calculate air quality to reach the standard. But artificial environment in the city lacks negative oxygen ion to produce a condition, tail gas, decorate , etc.all sorts of pollution to add insult to injury, negative oxygen ion produces little, consume too fast again, actual concentration has 100 only, even less. In this "sub-health space" for a long time, pollution is rampant, cancer, leukemia and other diseases come one after another.

Negative oxygen ion is by improving the body's self-healing ability to treat diseases, get rid of drug dependence, avoid drug side effects. Its mechanism lies in the timely replenishment of the number of negative electrons in cells in the body, balance the number of positive and negative electrons in cells. The negative electron is deprived is the root of all diseases, and the negative oxygen ion is electronegative, can effectively remove free radicals, supplement is the negative electron that pathological change cell fights for, maintain the alkaline environment inside body, ensure the health of body.
In China, negative oxygen ions have been widely used in automobiles, homes, offices, hospitals, etc.

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