Does your car or home smell bad and make you feel dizzy?

BoYan Li

Does your car or home smell bad and make you feel dizzy?

Most of it is because your car or home has excessive air pollution.

According to China central television, more than 80 percent of new cars or newly renovated houses are polluted beyond the limit. That's why air fresheners are so popular.

HCHO, TVOC, C6H6, NH3, and other harmful substances are the causes of unpleasant smells, dizziness, and other discomforts. Serious can even cause the immune system is weakened, suffer from respiratory disease, or leukaemia, fetal deformity.

Currently, there are several types of air fresheners on the market:

1) adsorptive air purifier:

Like activated charcoal

But rely on activated carbon internal pore adsorption, adsorption capacity is limited, saturated or high temperature secondary release, again become pollution Dye source.

2) masking deodorant products

Currently on the market has a variety of air freshener, they are all composed of ether and the composition such as essence, canned products and joined the propane, butane, dimethyl ether, such as chemical composition, the use of this air freshener can only through the eruption diffuse scent to temporarily hide the smell, but not really improve the quality of the air, because it cannot decompose harmful gases, hard to true and pure and fresh air. But the human body inhales has some kind of fragrant gas volatile solvent, soon is attracted and invades the nervous system, causes the human to produce the "calm" feeling.

According to drug dependence experts, the effect of the drug is similar to the central nervous sedative, when the olfactory experience a certain feeling, will produce mental dependence. The addict chooses his or her preferred solvent and compulsively inhales it repeatedly on a daily basis, resulting in chronic poisoning

3) negative ions products

How it work?

O2- (negative oxygen ion) + HCHO(formaldehyde) = CO₂ (carbon dioxide) + H₂O(water)

O2- (negative oxygen ion) + C₆H₆(Benzene) = CO₂ (carbon dioxide) + H₂O(water)

O2- (negative oxygen ion) + NH₃(Ammonia) = N₂(nitrogen) + H₂O(water)

As you can see,negative oxygen ion is so perfect! So,there are various anion generators on the market.

Himalayan salt lamp?
Tests were done and found that the Himalayan salt lamp produced no negative ions at all.

negative ion air purifier?
But negative ion air purifier generating these ions produces and unfortunate by-product: ozone.
negative ion don't live as long in the atmosphere. a few seconds maybe. So the negative ions concentration goes down really fast, and the closer you get to the machine, the higher the anion concentration, and there are places in the room where you might not get negative ion at all.

Photocatalyst products?
Photocatalyst products needs a light source to work. It can not work without light.

Can not get enough high concentration of clean negative ions, it is why many people distrust negative ion products!They fell negative ions not work,even think that the negative ions is pseudoscience, is a hoax.

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