chief engineer of the project-LiTong

BoYan Li

Today, with the development of global industrial economy, the pollution of the earth's environment is becoming more and more serious. Our living environment is continuously deteriorating, including air, drinking water, food, etc., which greatly affects the quality of human life.  for air pollution, including bad situation of air quality of human living space, Scientific research team of south China university of technology put forward the concept of "family oxygen bar", project chief engineer li tong in south China university of science and technology national laboratory lead the team to play to the wisdom of the team, follow the law of nature combined with modern quantum technology after more than 20 years of unremitting efforts, through the technical research, combined with the Chinese scientific research advantage, imitating natural wind, light, electricity, magnetism, mining, water, plants and other material to produce negative ions, the principle of efficiency, development and negative oxygen ion source of high-tech products successfully developed a complete set of indoor air. Solve the serious problem of indoor air pollution in human living environment -- public places including hospitals, schools, etc., as well as vehicles such as cars. The results have been fully recognized by the relevant departments of the country and incorporated into the key building project of the global great health industry and the popularization project initiated by the United Nations. The project will spread to the whole world and benefit the whole mankind.

Li tong (chief engineer of the project) revealed in an interview with CCTV that researchers of south China university of technology have made great achievements in natural air reduction technology, natural water reduction technology and food reduction technology. "Family oxygen bar", "automobile oxygen bar", "life water", "weakly alkaline wine" and other quality products closely related to human health are about to enter the market on a large scale to serve the society and care for health. At present, the scientific and technological level of these major projects is leading the industry and even the world, with immeasurable value prospects, will drive a large number of entrepreneurs and workers up.

This product only needs to spray on the interior wall or automobile interior decoration surface, the interior or automobile will continuously produce a large number of ecological negative oxygen ions. The third party testing, antibacterial rate reached 99.9%; Formaldehyde removal rate reached 95.4%; Ammonia removal rate reached 94.1%. Benzene removal rate 82.9%; Except TVOC, 86%. Effectively remove the smell of leather, sweat and smoke. The above data are 24-hour test results. With the passage of time, the negative oxygen ion increases continuously, and after a week, the harmful gas tends to be zero. Efficacy continuity is long, spraying can last more than 5 years for indoor space to provide natural grade negative oxygen ion.

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